Ideation Canvas

An ideation canvas is a rough whiteboard where ideas can be stretched into any limits or dimensions. Ideation session is not aimed at finding solutions to the defined problem. But to define the best possible problem and stretch out its possible scope. 

This canvas was devolved by 4 parts for evaluation of the idea.

1  People  

2  Activities 

3  Situation 

4  Props

Students have to fill this data by their observations taken in place of subjects. After that they have pick different users in different situations for different activities and make suitable problems people face in their daily life and find their solutions.

Empathy mapping 

It is a tool that a learner can use to gain a depth of insight into the emotions of a user of their choice. It helps in identifying specific act by the user in a given circumstances or conditions. Through imagination, a learner learns to create or visualize scenarios using one’s thought.

In this particular activity, I took the user as The Contractor and write two happy and two sad stories about it at the construction site.

The Lemon Exercise

Here, in this particular activity, we had to write our observations in the form of some sentences about our lemon.

Then we had to exchange our lemon with the other person and then he/she had to write their own observation about that particular lemon.

And then at last, all the lemons were mixed up and shuffled and each one had to identify their particular lemon according to the observations made by the person for their particular lemon.

By doing this activity,  we learnt how to enhance our observation skills for a particular thing.